The Benefits of National Support

Complete Crewing may be based in Chicago, but we work with people and events all around the United States.  For over twenty years, we’ve provided labor and production services for events from Los Angeles, CA to Boston, MA.  That’s more than two decades of building trusted relationships and creating streamlined processes to give our clients the best possible service no matter where their events take them.

Good People, Good Time

A show or event is only as good as the people who staff and manage it.  Working in a new city, or organizing a tour in multiple new cities, greatly increases the difficulty in finding the best talent available.  Our national events expert, Pam Capra, has been with us for over ten years.  During that time, she’s learned how to find the best staff for any event and has vetted anyone Complete Crewing works with. That includes crews from large labor unions like IBEW and IATSE, as well as local production and AV crews. We can guarantee skilled staff that come with good client feedback and are held to a higher standard.

One-Stop Shop of Pros

Whether you are planning a tour that travels through one city, or fifteen, all you have to do is make one phone call to Complete Crewing, and we handle the rest.  Working with multiple, different unions?  Not a problem.  Dreading dozens of invoices and different billing rules?  Have no fear.  Complete Crewing handles everything.  We provide the staff, the estimates, and the final invoices in good time.  For a recent event, we provided the client with 4 union estimates in less than 10 days.

We work hard to make sure you don’t have to worry about switching gears between cities and trying to keep everything straight.  When we provide estimates, we lay out the different billing rules for each city in the estimate, rather than forcing you to search through multiple other documents.  Minimums, over-time, basic rates, etc. everything is explained in one place.

Last Minute Problems, Solved

Have you ever been days away from an event and realized not all your paperwork is in order?  We recently worked with a client who needed help with union insurance paperwork.  We received the call on Friday, Monday was a holiday, and the show was on Wednesday.  We’re happy to say, the show was a success.  We know time is of the essence for our clients, and we have the expertise and the relationships to solve problems no matter when or where they occur.

There are challenges inherent in planning any event, big or small, but for those working in an unfamiliar area, the challenges can loom and become menacing.  That’s where Complete Crewing steps in.  We are a national company and bring that support to every client we work with.  We want our clients to know that we are behind them wherever they need to operate.  We hold ourselves, and everyone we work with, to a higher standard and want to bring that excellence to your next event.