labor day

Happy Labor Day From Complete Crewing

Since 1887, the labor movement has been celebrated for their contributions to the social and economic prosperity of America through the observance of Labor Day.  Complete Crewing is proud to be affiliated with such a movement and we take great efforts to support the goals of all our clients and workers alike.

Over the years, I have had many starts and stops along my career path.  Having been a Teamster driving a Coca-Cola truck, a fork lift operator in a printing press ,a fiberglass race car fabricator, to working in offices and ultra luxury hotels and resorts; one thing stands out to be abundantly clear.  Taking care of each other, working together, pulling on the same end of their proverbial rope, always, always allows you to reach your goals and the goals of those around you with greater success.  No one can go it alone and collectively we are stronger together.

So as we celebrate the National Holiday, let’s think about who we are as a country, who we want to be, and how we all can get there together.  Rising tides lift all boats after all, so please recognize the movement that made the country an economy powerhouse and thank someone who builds homes, digs tunnels, delivers packages, teaches our children, or keep us safe, for they deserve our gratitude and respect.

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