Essential COVID Compliance Officers for Events and Productions

Chicago-based Complete Crewing, your trusted and experienced event-staffing agency, has added a new and essential position to our safety and production crew offerings: certified COVID Compliance Officers (CCO).  CCOs present on production sites are responsible for overseeing all COVID-19 safety protocols.  These officers serve as a liaison between the heads of individual crew departments, the production facility, and the Health Department.  All of Complete Crewing’s labor coordinators are trained as compliance officers, in addition to being OSHA-30 certified.  

As this is a new position for a new environment, we wanted to take the time to explain our CCO’s responsibilities.  Whether Complete Crewing provides only the CCO or an entire highly skilled crew, we want to give everyone we work with the confidence that all health protocols are being followed, and assure all location and facility managers that they can feel safe holding meetings, events, and productions of all types.  

Each CCO provides a daily written report for every job site with details on safety guideline compliance.  Here is an excerpt from a report of a recent Complete Crewing job in Chicago:

“Arrived on site just before 7am.  Processed facility staff arrivals as workplace safety signage was being set in strategic locations throughout the venue. The majority of the crew arrived at 8am.  There were no red flags from self-certification questionnaires, nor were any temperatures taken outside of the normal range.  All crew entering wore masks and remained socially distant while awaiting check in.  Upon entry, they were given a wrist band to indicate they had been screened, as well as a personal bottle of hand sanitizer.  The facility placed ample sanitation stations throughout the building. The restroom facilities had adequate soap in the dispensers.  Catering was provided as individually packaged items.”

In addition to monitoring screening practices and reviewing the facility, the CCO will:

  • Ensure that the staff at a site falls within the limits established by state and city guidelines
  • Provide his or her contact information to all event attendees and post important information and safety guidance throughout the venue
  • Manage and coordinate information from department heads in the event of a post-event positive COVID result
  • Confirm that quarantine rules are followed by all who worked within 6 feet of each other, in the event of a positive result
  • Follow-up with the Health Department in the event of a positive result
  • Ensure the privacy of all collected information and questionnaire responses

The safety of our crews, all attendees, and our communities is a top priority for Complete Crewing.  Our crew coordinators have a long history of excellence and consistently provide service above and beyond what was requested.  We know how important safety is! We have the skills needed to prioritize safety  in this new environment even while working with multiple crews, shifts, and schedules.  We are always up to date on local, state, and national recommendations and regulations, and are dedicated to providing the best service  for any event.  

Please review this post for more information on our safety protocol guidelines, and contact us with any questions.  The Complete Crewing team is equipped and prepared to help get the Chicagoland area back to work!